This is why you should buy an apartment as an investment.

Jul 22nd, 2021

Investors are often in two minds about buying an apartment for investment to add to their portfolios.

  • One: There are those who see the benefits of having diversity in their portfolio with a mixture of houses, townhouses and apartments
  • Two: There are those who only buy traditional houses to add to their portfolio.

In many cases investors stick to what they know best, however with Kenyan lifestyles and demographics changing. It may be that buying an apartment for investment will have to be attractive to many more Kenyans in the future.

Affordability, Demographics & Demand

One of the main benefits is the affordability of apartments as a choice for investors. This means they can afford to get into the capital city or major regional markets as the median price of apartments has traditionally been less than the median price of houses.

Apartment living has become more popular over the last decade. As lifestyle demands of being central to the city or major centers , of being closer to work, transport hubs, shopping, hospitals, universities and the café culture has created a new demand.  

There are more single-person households, more downsizers, more young renters, more professionals, more empty nesters and people in general who are choosing an apartment lifestyle.

Capital Growth and Rental Yields

The population of the major capital cities is growing rapidly. More apartment developments are appearing on the skyline, thus meeting the demand for this type of apartment living in the right urban or city location. 

Apartments have shown the same trends as houses for capital growth especially in the major cities of Nairobi, Kiambu and Thika. Apartments are no longer seen as the poor cousins to houses when buying for capital growth.

Also with the changing demographics and increased demand for this type of living, the rental yields achieved can also deliver better outcomes for investors In terms of holding costs and positive cash flow.

Positive cash flow on new apartments

The decision to buy new or old apartments can be based on which one has better cash flow. Investors always prefer a positive cash flow property so they are not burdened with out of pocket expenses.

Many investors presume the expenses will eat into their profit and hence shy away. However, tenants will pay a premium for the extra facilities, views, location and designs that apartment’s offer.

However even paying the expenses, the claimable losses from your property include the building and plant & equipment write-offs over 40 years. These depreciation claims on new apartments can give maximum tax benefits to the investor. And make what appears to be a negatively geared property into a positive cash flow property after-tax benefits.

Other considerations when buying an apartment

  • If buying off the plan do your due diligence and look for a passionate and ethical developer
  • Location and design needs to satisfy what your target tenant is looking for
  • Floor plan and inclusions in brand new apartments can attract premium tenants compared to older less modern style apartments.
  • Do your research as the potential for oversupply in the short term can happen if too many apartments being built in one suburb
  • Buy at the rising stage of  the property cycle, not in a hot or peak market

Apartment living is now part of the Kenyan landscape. Our apartments, Everest park attract great tenants who are willing to pay great rents to have the amenities within and to enjoy proximity to the capital. If you have not considered adding an apartment to your portfolio before, now may be time to consider the benefits.