Nov 04th, 2021

Buying a home is one of the major decisions a person gets to make. Now, there is a miscellany of houses and residences to choose from in Kenya. This article will help you comprehend a bit more about the gated towns and the gated communities and why they’re favorable as a buyer and substantially more valuable than you might think and why Everest Park Estate could be the perfect haven for a home owner.

Living in a gated community such as Everest Park Estate offers all the fundamentals and essentials for a fulfilling living experience as well as the luxuries of a posh environment integrated into one ideal home. 

Let’s see why opting to live in such a quintessential environment could be your best potential decision.

1. Privacy

Privacy has transpired into luxury in this rapid generation, but then again, total isolation isn’t all that ideal either. A gated community brings perfect equilibrium in this aspect, while you have total comfort and peace in your own space, getting together with friends and neighbors is always within easy reach.

Large community spaces enable residents to establish strong social ties and celebrate harmony together.

2. Safety & Security

With an asset as prominent as your dream home, comes the round-the-clock worry of safety and welfare. In a gated community, safety and security are accorded a very high priority. Key locations are manned in a perpetual manner, CCTV surveillance and access control ensure complete peace of mind.

3. A Sense of Community

One of the most gratifying experiences of a gated town is a sense of community living. Design of common, public areas and parks are intended to encourage residents to come out of their homes, and to interact, thereby fostering the community spirit.

Shared activities like festivals celebrated with neighbors and exhibitions serve to bring residents together and promote social interaction. These community activities help residents establish strong social ties.

4. Regular Upkeep

Everyone desires their environment to be as aesthetically appealing as imaginable, but it can be strenuous sustaining a beautiful home.

Providentially, that’s not the case with the gated communities as there’s a team of diligent staff members keeping all the nuances at bay and keeping the community as alluring and captivating as possible.

5. Low Traffic

If you reside in a metropolitan city, you’re probably already acquainted with how bad the traffic gets.

Steering clear of pollution and the noise might turn out to be a piece of work, a gated community is the solution offering a pleasurable living environment that gives you tranquility.

6. Kid-Friendly Environment

The perplexity of raising a child by and of itself is undeniable, let alone raising one in a crowded and jam-packed living ambiance.

A gated community not only provides a capacious environment to stay in but additionally offers huge open playgrounds and pleasant provisions that are as secure as they get. Knowing that your kid is safe even when outside playing is no short of a luxury.

There are numerous more rewarding reasons for living in a gated community. Here’s one more reward from us – If you can imagine your own home with these features, and you can visualize your happiness through it, we’ve got some good news for you.

Everest Limited takes pride in offering multiple gated residential experiences like Everest Park Estate, that possess considerably more than mentioned above.

This is what Everest Park Estate offers:

Main Features

  • Ample Parking
  • Modern Fitted Kitchen
  • Spacious Bedroom & Lounge Area
  • Laundry/ Drying Area with facilities for washing machine

Common Amenities

  • Ample Parking for residents and visitors
  • Lush Gardens
  • Plenty of water with three alternative supplies (Borehole, EPZA, and MAVWASCO connections)
  • Tight security
  • Spotlessly clean common areas

We would love for you to contact us and let’s discuss the possibilities of your forever dream home since that’s what we believe in – creating lasting value!