Nov 11th, 2021

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful. At Everst Park Estate, it has been the collective effort of all the players to make this the best place to call home.

This serene haven along Mombasa road only 30 minutes from the CBD is a modern housing scheme whose planning and development is strategically located and connected to an upcoming Everest Business Park that has various commercial facilities that enhance life's comfort. Two petrol stations with various amenities serving Everest Park are already operational.

It is a living environment that combines a gated community while retaining privacy and providing spacious outdoor areas. The units are designed in courts to enhance security, identity and smaller management units.

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Figure 1 Units are divided into courts to enhance security


So what is it like living at Everest Park?

Everest Park, according to one Castro Mutai, a tenant, is ideal for young families occupied by young professionals near the road with easy access to Mombasa road.

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Figure 2 Everest Park Gate just along Mombasa road


“Security at the gate couldn’t let me in, I was not looking to stay instead I was house hunting. Make sure you bring your ID when you’re visiting,” says Simply Shish. This goes to show how seriously security is regarded at Everest park.

“It is a beautiful housing at an affordable price. 1 Bedroom houses start at about KES 16,000. The apartments are large and there is plenty of parking, water and fresh air. If you are looking for a place to rent/buy an apartment, recommend checking out Everest Park in Athi River,” says Anthony Waiguru.

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Figure 3 plenty of parking spaces


Kevin Chalo , a Tenant at Everest Park for about two years says, “I love EVEREST sana. Water was in plenty tena fresh water from EPZ, I used to live in 2B -8, my landlord mr ngige was God sent,a person who loves his tenant. Everest is the best place you can live in very convenient.

“Family friendly residential place, safe environment to bring up children because of great management of the estate,” affirms Shaaban luvai.

From the testimonies above, it is clear that at Everest park estate, we take a great deal of concern in Security, cleanliness and proper management. So if you are looking for an investment platform or a place to call home, this could be your story.

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